Damage Storms Can Cause

Big storms can be dangerous, and safety has to be your first priority. If your area has seen serious storm-related damage, play it safe. If you suspect structural damage or more flooding, keep your distance. Spending a few nights at a friend’s house or in an emergency shelter is a small thing compared to your health.

After you make it through the storm safely, repairs and restoration should be your top priority. Below, learn about how each kind of storm can cause unique damage.

Storm Damage Insurance

Coverage varies based on your area, your policy, the extent of damage and more.

To get the biggest possible payout from your insurer, make sure you document and capture photos of the damage right away. Then, get in touch with your insurer to make an appointment with an assessor. You should also find a repair company.

Storm Damage Scenarios

  • Water Damage: Flood water can get into your building’s foundation, ruin structures and possessions inside, lead to mold growth and much more.
  • Tornado and Hurricane Damage: Circular wind storms can completely destroy, including catastrophic damage to roofs, windows, siding and landscaping.
  • Wind-related Property Damage: This can rip off siding, shingles and even whole roofs, destroy glass, wreak havoc on trees and power grids and more.
  • Hail Storm Aftermath: This can cause shingle and siding damage, and that can mean roof leaks and compounding structural damage.
  • Winter Storm Damage: Heavy snow can cause collapsed roofs, break branches and power poles, and cause other harm.

Hire an Experienced Storm Repair Team

Danger is high after a storm, and hiring a professional contractor can help you get the problem solved quickly and correctly. Contact us today.