COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

Protect Your Residence with Disinfection Services in Reno & Tahoe, NV

Through courage and conviction, the team at Paul Davis handles things properly when you need it most. We’re here to give you a sense of security and are ready to respond to biological hazards, even in the face of COVID-19, in order to protect you and your loved ones at home.

Disinfection Services – The Paul Davis Way

As this pandemic continues to spread across the nation and around the world, it’s essential to receive quality cleaning services for your home in Reno & Tahoe, NV. As first-responders tackle this highly-infectious virus, we want to do our part to help out. Paul Davis stays up on the most recent updates from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and experts in the medical field in order to comply to guidelines as the situation progresses.

We Take the Precautions for You

Furthermore, Paul Davis practices industry cleaning methods that are more effective than traditional ones. These include:

  • ULV Fogging: This is a preventative approach that takes care of walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Fogging with Horizontal Surface Wiping: For surfaces that experience a lot of contact such as desks, door handles, computers, etc.
  • Fogging with Full Wiping: Industry authorized practices for established cases of coronavirus. This is a comprehensive cleaning service that applies disinfectants to your building.

Let’s Protect Everyone

If anyone in the home is dealing with cold or flu complications, please let us know ahead of time. Paul Davis specializes in cleaning and disinfecting homes across Reno & Tahoe, NV, after they’ve been through catastrophes. You can depend on us to eliminate dangerous bacteria and even viruses from every surface in your home.

Call Paul Davis Today

Paul Davis is available to provide residential disinfection services in Reno & Tahoe, NV. As one of region’s leading emergency service providers, we have the skill necessary to combat the spread of pathogens and do our part to slow down Coronavirus. Contact Paul Davis today at (775) 825-7856 and speak with one of our team members.

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