Urgent Smoke Cleanup in Fernley

Whether your property burned because of a regional wildfire or there was some kind of wiring malfunction, a house fire is an overwhelming experience. Obviously fire can generate tremendous amounts of destruction quickly, but many individuals may not know that ever-present smoke can be a danger to your house and personal wellbeing. Smoke can cover any surface or area of your house that is absorbent and can establish blotches on whatever it comes into contact with. Throughout the past 40 years, Paul Davis has assisted many families with emergencies after a fire. If you need prompt assistance, please call us or click on the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above. Our technicians can return you to your residence immediately. We know all about the stress that smoke damage emergencies can make. When you click that button, you’ll be sure to receive a reply from us in under 30 minutes and an expert at your house inside 4 hours.

When they arrive at your house, our experts can offer the subsequent emergency smoke damage services:

  • A quote for your insurance company
  • Emergency board-up and structural balance
  • Wide-ranging cleaning
  • Santizing dirty places, smoke smell removal and air purification
  • Odor removal in houses smelling of cigarettes
  • Moisture removal with dehumidifiers, air movers and water extractors to eliminate standing water
  • Getting your house ready for comprehensive restoration services
  • Thorough extraction and documentation of ravaged personal property, upholstery, clothing and other items for renovation and sanitizing

Paul Davis Emergency Services of Reno - Tahoe knows it is your goal to return to your house or office as rapidly as it is safe, so we turn it into our duty to do that with minimal waiting.Our smoke damage technicians have major skill in instant smoke and fire damage cleanup, so when we tell you that we’re dedicated to restoring life to normal as fast as we can following a fire, we are telling the truth. If your property has also had critical water damage because of water used to extinguish the fire, click here to read more.

Why Rely on Paul Davis Emergency Services of Reno - Tahoe for Emergency Smoke Repair Services?

Knowledge is everything. For over 40 years, we have returned people to their sanitized, purified residences after experiencing smoke damage. Call us soon if you are looking for emergency smoke damage cleanup and we will connect you with a qualified staff member. Call us now for a smoke damage repair quote.

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